Club Elements

A professional team that focuses in organize outdoor leisure activities,  sports activities and recreational events.

We design and create all kinds of formation and training activities for companies and institutions. We bring a customized experience, so the participants can live unforgettable work team sessions.


We personalize experiences in order to bring an unforgettable day for participants, who will work and enjoy as a team. Our priorities are the objectives and needs of every group, with which we aligned from the first contact and we give them a competitive, collaborative and playful approach.

Activities producer


We bring our cleverness and experience in order to surprise, excite, motivate and influence all the participants in the activities that we propose. We know and apply everything that is essential to create unique and memorable experiences: experiences that awakes a real emotion in people.



Scholar programs


We create and design the best stays for you. From the sea to the mountains, playful, cultural or even with animated axes for the little ones. We have the perfect formula to make you feel comfortable in your stays and we have the best professionals and privileged locations.


Key facts

Fluid dialogue with the client.

Responsibility and commitment in form and content.

Detailing preparation of the Experience.

Imperceptible logistics for the participants.

Maximum attention to development, statics, and storytelling.

Clear and motivating communication with the participants.

Total immersion.