Projects with Club Elements DNA

We distinguish as excellent in execution because is inside our DNA, we manage the details in every point. We want the children who visit our campus and accommodations where we do the animation, take the best memories and live unique experiences.

We have the best locations for camps and weekend stays. Club Elements ask their partners (Campsites, hotels, hostels, and cottages) high standards in order to bring a quality service.

Unique and remarkable

We educate with the objective of unifying activities of leisure, nature, sustainability, physical activity, and healthy life with human values. We design our summer camps thinking especially in our clients, so they can communicate by projecting their internal and external image. We incorpórate English native monitors so the language is immersed in the education of the children who come to our campuses. Finally, we advise you to find the best destinations for your summer camps. With all the comforts and the highest standards of quality.


Club Elements La Molina is a new concept. A ski and leisure center in La Molina slopes, in the middle of La Cerdanya, where you can find all you need to get a gorgeous day in the snow.


We sale forfeit tickets, rental ski or snow surf equipment, sessions for beginners and also private sessions, everything you need!


Girls and boys from all over the country come every week to our winter center to enjoy skiing and adventure colonies in a relief environment. We work with Hotel Guitart La Molina where they can find all the necessary comfort to rest properly after the daily activity.

In Dani Jimenez Science camps, they enjoy from intensely from nature, with adventure activities that are spectacular in a privileged environment with a lot of friends. They also practice their English with native monitors that only speak in this language.


They will awake the creativity and the interest in the scientific world with Dani Jimenez proposes. Learn by doing science WOW! 


Ribals is a group of professionals in educational leisure services, specialized in values education in which we design, organize and produce our programs for more than 20 years. It is important to note that we produce 90% of the activities we offer, which allows us to fully guarantee the success and high value of the activity.


Our services have a highly entertaining side, plus an educational approach. We are educators and we are aware that our activities have a high educational value that takes place in a non-formal context and in which the game and dialogue are in the foreground.