The art of mix in an exact portion over every element of the activities is our formula of success.

We design and create all kinds of experiences and formative or entertainment activities, as a private brand for agencies. Our permanent team can face any project, best results guaranteed. Our priority are the goals and needs of your agency, with whom we work alongside from minute one, giving each experience the competitive, collaborative or playful approach requested in your briefing.

Raid Aventura

A unique experience to enjoy the bests activities with your team in an outdoor environment. Live the adventure, facing great survival challenges that will help to discover your limits. Learn how to be part of a team, and get aims that you can´t get it alone. Wrapped in a survival story, live the adventure to be part of a team; paintball, helicopter flights, trekking, quads, mountain segway, and climbing are some of them. Feel freedom in the ground, ocean, and air.

Team Building

The objective of team building is focused on; enhance communication between employees, furtherance a positive attitude between them and with the organization, increment the belonging sense with the organization and enhance leadership features for the participating members such; how to give feedback, coordinate and listen.

Urban Experiences

Our urban experience is an interactive way to know our city or town and being part of the culture and the customs of it.  The participants must pass proofs, interact with particular characters and spend an unforgettable time, that will give them a unique perspective of the most emblematic areas of the place.

Customized Experiences

The way how experiences are created is one of the secrets to fulness living. That’s why we offer Customized Experiences! because we want all participants to be immersed in other reality and take roles to which they are not accustomed. We propose a funny way to get out of your comfort zone and faced different challenges, always with the work team support. Dare to become your dreams reality or even to experiment something you would have never imagined.


This is a special experience in which, with the collaboration of the whole team we can help a disadvantaged group.  With everything previously organized,  the objective will be to carry out the reforms in a center in order to bring the users a space in better conditions. Also, through these activities, we can take actions to improve the environment, assemble furniture or toys for charities and organize special events for groups with few resources.

Contact with us, tell which are your objectives,  and we will prepare a unique and unrepeatable propose.


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